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Preparation is very important
Yes, If you have made up your mind to tap India than you must prepare for meeting India. India is different

India offers unbelievable business opportunities for import, export, manufacturing, etc. But at the same time India has a very “different business culture” compared to many other countries.

India is huge and complex country with 1,350 million people, 5,000 different groups of people speaking 400 languages written in 38 different alphabets. Hindi language is the biggest. The people include isolated tribes to top modern urban living. The country has a broad spectrum from hunting with bow and arrow to sending space rockets to the Moon. India is world leader in many fields such as Information Technology, software development, call centres, medical science etc. India is divided into 28 states and 8 union territories with own laws and logics (like in USA). Its diversity is at the same time both its advantage and its challenge.

Our Lectures

Our Lectures gives usefull knowledge about India

How to do Business with India

Strategy for a foreign company to enter India may differ from company to company. There are various ways to do it. In this lecture we look at the different options that are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Challenges of doing business in/with India

India is different compared to most western style nations. Who to trust and who not to. Different cultural signals. Corruption. Business contra political realities. Work ethics. And much more. Financial management, Regulations &compliances are few to name.

Cultural differences

Speaking English is not enough. India can appear quite westernised and individuals also give that impression. But you soon discover that people act & behave differently. Business culture is different. People say something but did not mean that. You wonder why. We will explain.

Political India

This gives an insight of the Indian's political structure. And then more in depth of challenges, risks, how to handle multi-ethnicity, a democracy where the person in charge changes from time to time. We also discuss about the Financial markets, labour market, Money & Banking system etc.

Important information on Travelling to/in India

India being a vast country with diverse population, we will go through travel requisions, visa regulations, places of interest, best and safe way to travel, payment methods, carry cash or not. Eating, Illness, Accidents, what to do if confronted by police authorities, how to not get cheated. etc.

Lecture of your choice

We have lots of knowledge and many possible speakers, so tell us what you need, and we can tailor-make lectures for you. For travelling, for doing business, for official visits … At your choice of place or our facility.

We offer lectures covering different aspects of India from the point of view of business. We have different ready topics of lectures to choose from. Tailor made lectures are also possible on request. One of the lectures "Cultural Differences" we do recommend. It gives information about how Indians think and how India works. Just to prepare oneself to meet the cultural differences and not be shocked once in India. We warmly recommend this lecture before visiting India. A must for employees as well as the CEOs.

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We have long experience in doing business with India and know India well.