Export or Import to/from India

India both Exports and Imports

India is today a perfect market for machinery, environmental products and services, latest technology in many fields, as well as for many different types of consumer gods.

Market is huge
India is developing fast and need products and services for doing this. New technologies, new and better machineries, new know-how, organizing of some sectors, etc. India wants and needs to develop the agricultural sector, not at least to further develop harvested products into products that can be exported and/or used within India also long after the harvest. Today potatoes and tomatoes, as an example, often give huge harvest but farmers have to throw away parts of it and do not get paid well for them as the local market cannot consume all of it at the same time. Consumer products also have an increasing market. India has many products to offer for importers, traditionally there are textile products (garments, fabric, home textiles, etc), brass items, and many more. Today also cars and car parts and many other engineering products are growing big.

India Exports this

Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals worth $26 billion, Medicaments worth $16.6 billion, Diamonds, Rice. Articles of textiles, jewellery and parts, Motor cars and other motor vehicles, Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles, Iron ores and concentrates, including roasted iron pyrites, Crustaceans for human consumption, textiles.

  • We know the challenges of export and import with India and therefor can help.
  • Export and import do not only include buying or selling products but optimizing products, optimizing transport strategy, and so on.
  • India has many languages and many different cultures; one need to understand them to get it right.
  • India is geographically huge. To select the right location for your export or import is essential

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