Manufacture your products in India

Establishing your manufacturing operations in India could lead to exceptional gains

Manufacturing sector in India has high technical expertise. India’s vast population gives it the advantage of an abundant labour supply. Businesses also have the opportunity to create significant positive impacts in the communities within which they establish factories or plants, by upskilling local workers. This may even help to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirement. A condition of Government of India is that two per cent of a company’s annual profit must be spent on CSR initiatives. Major manufacturing hubs in India include Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.But depending on products to be produced different parts of India are feasible depending on existing skills and manufacturing, raw material, the level of the local infrastructure, local political situation, and so on. The Inindi management has been having our own factory in India from 2005 to 2011 giving us the right experience and knowledge for this type of projects.

  • We can assist in setting up your project.
  • Help you to arrange finances.
  • Assist with Compliances, taxations & other legal matters.

Identifying the needs of your Organisation and finding the right and best solutions from the beginning is one of the keys to achieve success. We are good at it.