We are a team of professionals having expertise in the field of company formation, factory establishment, manufacturing, Sourcing, Sales/Marketing & Distribution and not to mention the best Corporate Lawyers and Chartered Accountants. To make you successfull in India our experienced team will provide you with help and solutions.

Services that we offer

We provide assistance of all kind that is required for getting started the business in India.

Establishment/Agent in India

If you plan to join hands with an existing company, Find an agent, sales representative, or to open a branch or sales office in India, you will need a number of permissions from the Government of India. There are formalities that needs to be completed. We are good at it. All arrangements can be made. We provide help in identifying the right Indian partner for your company.

Manufacturing in India

In case you want to setup a manufacturing unit in India, depending upon your needs we can assist you to locate already established manufacturing factories having right profile, or if you wish to take over/start your own facility we can arrange complete paperwork, all the permissions etc., arrange the land for the factory, setting up, sourcing of machinery, staffing, sales, distributors and all necessary network that is essential for such a project.

Marketing Assistance

India is one of the largest consumer markets in the world, with its population of middle-class consumers expected to reach 475 million in 2030. But it is complex and diverse. There are many options for getting your products marketed, distributed and sold in the Indian market, We are here to help with Marketing & Sales strategies in order to achieve the targeted goals.

IT assistance in house as well as in India

India’s IT Service Sector is developed and advanced. It is fully capable of providing any kind of informational technology services from software development, hardware services to cloud computing, cybersecurity to network infrastructure, medical reports; from payroll to customer services; from call centers etc. We can help to identify right partner to cater your needs.

Export/Import to and from India

Looking to export or import any product range to/from India, we have a vast network of sales agents,distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers etc. in India.We can fill your requirement.

Legal Matters in India

Mr. Oberg founder of Inindi is Team member of Indian National Bar Association, New Delhi. Inindi has best team of Corporate Lawyers who offer advise and support in the legal matters. We arrange for mediation, Representation in high court, supreme court, preparation of agreements etc.